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Tom Waits - Night On Earth (Original Soundtrack Recording) (1991)

Album details

Label: Island Records 212 370   Ref#: soundtrack-0018
Date: 12.1991   Category: soundtrack
Length: 57:20    
Format: LP   Record Store Day:  
Audio: Stereo   Album Collection Title:  
Genre: Jazz-Rock   Album Collection Disc Nbr:  


German repress 2011
Original catalogue number: Island Records 212 370


A1.   Back In The Good Old World (Gypsy)  2:25
A2.   Los Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)  3:20
A3.   Los Angeles Theme (Another Private Dick)  4:28
A4.   New York Theme (Hey, You Can Have That Heartattack Outside Buddy)  4:04
A5.   New York Mood (A New Haircut A Busted Lip)  3:18
A6.   Baby I'm Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme)  2:39
A7.   Good Old World (Waltz)  3:27
A8.   Carnival (Brunello Del Montalcino)  3:39
B1.   On The Other Side Of The World  5:15
B2.   Good Old World (Gypsy Instrumental)  3:00
B3.   Paris Mood (Un De Fromage)  2:40
B4.   Dragging A Dead Priest  4:00
B5.   Helsinki Mood  4:50
B6.   Carnival Bob's Confession  2:10
B7.   Good Old World (Waltz)  4:00
B8.   On The Other Side Of The World (Instrumental)  4:05


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