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Blut+Eisen - "...schön geseh'n" (1985)

Album details

Label: Weird System WS017   Ref#: rock-0139
Date: 1985   Category: rock
Length: 32:39    
Format: LP   Record Store Day:  
Audio: Stereo   Album Collection Title:  
Genre: Punk   Album Collection Disc Nbr:  


Released in hand numbered sleeve with lyrics printed on one side of inner sleeve.


A1.   Himmel Hilf!  2:21
A2.   Seht Euch Doch An  2:50
A3.   Kollision Und Kollaps  2:32
A4.   Glanz Und Gloria (Armes Deutschland)  3:34
A5.   Countdown  4:30
B1.   Rasend Bin Ich  4:16
B2.   Böses Kind  2:54
B3.   Transporter Der Uniformen  3:04
B4.   Seelenkrümmung  4:51
B5.   Hirnkollaps  1:47


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