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Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey (1975)

Album details

Label: Island Records 535 147-3   Ref#: reggae-0009
Date: 12.12.1975   Category: reggae
Length: 33:06    
Format: LP   Record Store Day:  
Audio: Stereo   Album Collection Title:  
Genre: Roots Reggae   Album Collection Disc Nbr:  



Reissue release date: July 31, 2014
Original release date: December 12, 1975
Original catalogue number: Island Records ILPS 9377


A1.   Marcus Garvey  3:23
A2.   Slavery Days  3:31
A3.   The Invasion  3:17
A4.   Live Good  3:12
A5.   Give Me  3:05
B1.   Old Marcus Garvey  3:59
B2.   Tradition  3:28
B3.   Jordan River  2:55
B4.   Red, Gold And Green  3:10
B5.   Resting Place  3:06


Produced by: Lawrence "Jack Ruby" Lindo

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