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Tony Allen - Secret Agent (2009)

Album details

Label: World Circuit Records WCV082   Ref#: misc-0198
Date: 08.06.2009   Category: misc
Length: 54:40    
Format: LP   Record Store Day:  
Audio: Stereo   Album Collection Title:  
Genre: Afrobeat   Album Collection Disc Nbr:  


A1.   Secret Agent  5:21
A2.   Ijo  5:13
A3.   Switch  4:49
B1.   Celebrate  7:54
B2.   Ayenlo  4:57
B3.   Busybody  4:34
C1.   Pariwo  5:53
C2.   Nina Lowo  5:44
C3.   Atuwaba  0:50
D1.   Alutere  3:44
D2.   Elewon Po  5:41


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