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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream (1992)

Album details

Label: Mute Records LPSEEDS7   Ref#: rock-0467
Date: 27.04.1992   Category: rock
Length: 41:27    
Format: LP   Record Store Day:  
Audio: Stereo   Album Collection Title:  
Genre: Alternative Rock   Album Collection Disc Nbr:  


European reissue 2015 (remastered)
Original release date: April 27, 1992
Original catalogue number: Mute Records STUMM92


A1.   Papa Won't Leave You, Henry  5:54
A2.   I Had A Dream, Joe  3:42
A3.   Straight To You  4:34
A4.   Brother, My Cup Is Empty  3:02
A5.   Christina The Astonishing  4:49
B1.   When I First Came To Town  5:21
B2.   John Finns' Wife  5:13
B3.   Loom Of The Land  5:07
B4.   Jack The Ripper  3:45


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